Head Chef Aitor Jeronimo Orive

A proud descendant of Basque Country, Aitor’s love for cooking was cultivated at a young age. He recounts memories of rustic homecooked fare, lovingly prepared by his grandparents. “My grandparents are wonderful cooks, and food has always been a language of love in our family; so I would always find them in the kitchen, stirring a pot of something warm, hearty and intensely delicious,” he recalls.

Combining past and present culinary influences on a plate, Basque Kitchen by Aitor presents a repertoire of dishes that pay tribute to classic Basque flavours and produce. These dishes are brought to life with contemporary cooking techniques and novel ingredient pairings that are inspired by Aitor’s travels and experiences from around the world.


A passionate team led by Chef Aitor and hospitality veteran General Manager Vincent, Basque Kitchen by Aitor seeks to be a platform for nurturing young professionals to become service leaders for the industry. Dedicated and attentive, each team member aims to showcase warm hospitality true to Basque Country towards every guest.